Artist Statement

Identity on a molecular level informs my work. Exposure to the immense diversity in human life and cultural expressions leads me to research the complex structure of the DNA molecule. The microscopic imagery and cellular structures are a source of conceptual and original work, exploring the way natural organisms are built up and reflected in the infrastructure of society, interpersonal relationships and in nature. In my work I address social and ethical issues, or create abstract works of organic form.

The theme of small particles that serve as building blocks are a recurring element in my approach to the artmaking process. Threads can be linked in a non-traditional way, creating new sections or just like a pencil-line; threads connect into a recognizable image. I refer to these thread drawings and sculptures as Threadwork. Working three-dimensionally, they become abstract works of free hanging sculptures of organic forms. My work in thread and translucent silk organza reflects the delicate nature of the intercellular and microscopic form, and metaphorically represents a unique identity. The diaphanous quality of organza has degrees of visibility, rendered visible through light projection. The work seems to float and plays with the dimension of time, leaving a sense of mystery.

Understanding the material process adds a layer of meaning. Therefore experimentation with different materials, techniques and media is an important stage for me in developing new strategies to express ideas, simultaneously stretching the boundaries of the material ability.

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